How to choose the good quality micro applicators?

There’re lots of different brands of disposable micro applicators on the market and it is difficult for the dentists and distributors, wholesalers to find out which one is good quality and which one is not.

Firstly, the plastic material must be new and strong enough. You can smile if there are stinking or evil smell when you open the packing box.Because some of the products are made from used plastic materials.

Secondly, when you bend over the links between the tip and the applicator body, softly move it. If it will not move to different directions it is good one.

Thirdly, you must test by yourself. Put them into different brands of bonding agents and make sure they will not dissolve into the agents. Do not try to put out the tip nap by your own hands. Even you put out all of them it doesn’t mean the quality is not good.

Finally, it is difficult for you to make it clear. After you keep the goods in stock for a long time, if the tip nap in white doesn’t change white into some kind of yellow and dirty, it is good quality and can keep long time. If not you have to use it as soon as possible.

After you check all these we are sure you can find out the very good quality micro applicators by yourself on the market.