ROCODENT International Limited

A Professional Medical and Dental Product Manufacturer in China

ROCODENT International Limited is a professional medical and dental product manufacturer  in Guangdong, China since 2002. We have enlarged our production line and we produce KN95 face masks, 3 ply face masks, surgical gowns, medical face shields, dental micro applicators, 3 in 1 air water syringe tips etc. and we are still growing. Through our worldwide sales network you can get our medical and dental disposables around the world. We got CE and ISO13485 certified documents. Also we have the China CFDA approved and legally sell all over the world.

Why do you choose ROCODENT ?

1. We are the direct dental manufacturer in China so we promise that our price is the most competitive in China.

2. We have large quantity in Stock. This makes sure we can send goods to you fast.

3. Most of our dental product package is good quality colorful boxes without brand name.

4. All of our dental products are very high quality with strong plastic. Please compare the quality and box package with other companies’.

5. All of our dental disposables are CE marked and meet the CE and FDA standard.

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The main medical and dental disposables we produce and supply are as below: medical 3 ply face masks, medical N95 face masks, medical face shields, medical and surgical gowns, medical protection gowns, medical isolation gowns, sleeves, thermometer guns, disposable micro applicators, dental mixing tips, dynamic tips, intraoral tips, dental prophy brushes, prophy cups, medical sterilization reels and rolls, medical sterilization bags, dental needles, disposable 3 way air water syringe tips, prophy angles, mixing guns, compule dispenser guns, denture boxes, endo blocks,barrier films, endo rulers, barrier film envelopes, evacuation tips, saliva ejectors, surgical aspirator tips, dental film position system, cheek retractors, disposble dappen dishes, glass dappen dishes, spatula, mouth mirrors, mouth props, disposable dental tweezers, dental kits, protection glasses, face shields, eye shields, medical face masks, medical sterilization pouches and sterilization rolls, dental bibs, cotton roll dispensers, aluminum bur holder boxes and plastic bur holder boxes, impression trays, disposable Fluoride Foam Trays, bite trays, bib clips, napkin holders, dental impression material syringes,mixing wells, mixing bowls, Silicone rubber cup,Endo Measure Clean& Sterilize Blocks, autoclavable dental divided trays, etc.

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