Medical &Dental Barrier Films

Medical &Dental Barrier Films

ROCODENT’s medical and dental barrier films are universal infection control barrier with a low tack adhesive backing that is perfect for use in areas that are difficult to clean, disinfect or sterilize. Perforated 4”*6” or 6”*9” are easy to apply, remove and leave no residue.



The medical and dental barrier films are thick and have the following features.
1. The perfect solution to areas and surfaces that are hard-to-reach, clean or disinfect.

2. Easy placement and removal.

3. Easy to grasp for quick removal, even with gloves.

4. Light tack adhesive easily attaches to surfaces without leaving residue.

5. 4”X6” perforated sheets,1200 sheets /roll with stand.

6. 6”X9” perforated sheets,800 sheets/roll with stand.

Colors: blue, white